Working Green

helping you find rewarding work in the growing green economy

About Us

We began as an advocacy organization to further Americans understanding of the need for energy efficiency and clean energy across the board in our lives, but especially in our building sector. Our main website, Sustainable Design, explains our goals, at . We have since developed a national campaign called Transition Express, where you can see us taking more effort to move Congress, and communities across the US forward, towards a low carbon world, by 2020. That website can be found at

Circumstances are making us realize, there are many Americans who could be helping to move this mindset, by creating their own businesses, and passing beyond the restrictions we are all witnessing across the US, with stagnation in job growth.

We hope to especially influence the younger generation, now graduating from college, that see the lack of job opportunity. Being your own business owner can be an extraordinary way to make a difference in the new green economy. We hope to prove that to you!

Location: Danville, CA